Joey Atlas Scam – Treatments to fight cellulite

For use massage oil, cream, emulsion. Massage means have a high biological activity without causing folliculitis not clog the pores. Treatments to fight cellulite: Second stage – seaweed wrap or Physiotherapy. Joey Atlas Scam Truth About Cellulite – This is one of the most popular and effective treatments for cellulite.

To carry out dry seaweed wraps divorced warm water to a paste and the client’s body is covered with a thick layer of this medicinal formulation. Then the client is wrapped in a special film and harboring a warm blanket. Heat contributes to open the pores and the penetration of active substances into the skin of algae. origin

Keep in mind that there are special creams and oils that can enhance the effect of wraps, especially for local problems such as areas affected by cellulite, the effect will be noticeable and if there is a need to strengthen especially the flabby skin.

Joey Atlas Scam:These aids should be applied to the skin prior to wrapping. Algae help eliminate toxic substances from the body, it is necessary to do a course comprising at least six of these procedures in order to achieve a significant weight loss (6 – 10 cm), and a single procedure may lose by 1 – 1.5 cm Duration of treatment should not exceed 35 – 40 min., Otherwise you may have problems with blood pressure. After a hot, you can resort to the cold and wrapping.


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