Truth About Cellulite – cellulite is a consequence of incorrect fat cells

What are we doing massage? It is known that cellulite is a consequence of incorrect fat cells. Due to stagnation, decay products at the cellular level are not fully displayed.

Joey Atlas Scam Therefore, the main purpose of anti-cellulite massage hands will improve blood circulation, which would result in the activation of lymph flow in the tissue. Preparing for a massage – Before you make cellulite massage hands, you must:

Joey Atlas Truth About Cellulite – How to warm up the muscles – it is not necessary to use different creams, it is best to use talc. It facilitates the easy sliding your finger across the surface of the skin.
Traffic should be light, flowing toward the heart, that is, from the fingertips to the shoulder.
Massage procedure takes less than 20 minutes on both hands.

Effective time for massage is morning, for the morning body is most ready for a change.
It is not recommended to massage the skin moist, as there is a great likelihood of microcracks or sprains.
Massage should not be performed if there is redness, sores, irritation Joey Atlas Scam

The basic techniques – To begin the process of massage follows with stroking. Several times, without pressing the hand or fingers carried on the surface of the hands. Try to pat all areas.
It then does a rubbing – It also stroking, but with little pressure. It can still make a circular motion bones bent fingers.


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