Joey Atlas Scam – Symptoms after menopause

Symptoms after menopause
Symptoms after menopause – As mentioned above, for women after menopause, the body can no longer produce the hormone estrogen, and led to a series of important changes in heart physiology some of the physiological symptoms as hot flashes (often referred to as “hot flush”), dry vagina, vaginitis but the intensity that women experiencing these symptoms may depend on cultural factors Visit Site:

For example, Japanese women less symptoms of hot flashes compared to Canadian women. Only 4% of Japanese women using HRT [to tame the symptoms], compared with 30% of American women, this difference can have many causes, but someone said that is a major cause of phytoestrogens may explain why Japanese women have hot flashes than less, and therefore less need to, American women .

In a study on 58 women after menopause, with at least 14 hot flashes a week, over 12 weeks of follow-up, the rate of hot flashes in women treated with soy flour (phytoestrogen) ( 45 grams) reduced by 40% compared with untreated women is 25%. However, the level of this difference is not considered statistically significant (i.e., may be due to random factors, not the effects of phytoestrogen) Visit Site:

Osteoporosis – For women after menopause, declining estrogen status leads to bone loss. On average, the rate of bone loss was approximately 1% per year. But during menopause, this rate may be as high as 5 or 10% per year.


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