Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon-Power to lose weight

Truth is with Customized fat loss scam by Kyle Leon there a food that slims.

No food has the power to lose weight. Every now and then we hear something about it.

There’s no secret: to reduce weight is to restructure the power, changing habits gradually. Give preference to foods with higher nutritional quality and increasing the level of physical activity, weight loss will occur Visit Here:


Eating carbohydrates at night fattening

It is important to remember that yellow fruits contain up to four times more beta carotene that leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, watercress and broccoli.

Pie crust tropical almond

Recipe Healthy and delicious!


* In the case of lactose intolerance, diabetes, you can replace the filling and eat normally.


– 2 and ¼ cups of crushed almonds in a blender until a flour;

– 2 tablespoons golden flaxseed stabilized; Visit Here:

– 2 tablespoons of amaranth flakes;

– And ¼ cup of honey;

– 1/3 of butter clarified (without lactose)

– 1 pinch of salt.

Mix all ingredients in a baking dish to form a thick paste. Then go lining a form of false bottom, about 30 cm in diameter and 3 cm wide, to cover the entire bottom and sides, forming a layer not too thick. Place in preheated oven until golden brown with Customized fat loss torrent by Kyle Leon


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